The Freelander faces stiff competition from many worthy rivals in the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment. Despite the high level of competition in this sector of the market the Freelander is almost always among the top contenders.

The previous model was starting to look a little dated. Land Rover made a few enhancements bringing the Freelander up to meet more modern standards, and increasing the car’s premium appeal in the process.

Exterior enhancements include revamped headlamps, re-positioned rear lights and a chunky well-designed colored bumper. The exterior improvements have contributed significantly to the car’s exterior appeal but the most significant changes were made to the car’s interior.

The interior has been enhanced with premium quality materials and the company has paid close attention to detail. The cabin feels very classy and comfortable. The Freelander may have some difficulty shaking past problems with mechanical and electrical issues, this may be an issue with some buyers. Most of these problems seem to have been addressed, but a Freelander is an expensive vehicle to repair.

Most Freelanders never leave the road, despite the company’s claim that emphasizes the vehicle’s adventurous nature. In recognition of this well-known fact, Land Rover offers a sport variant featuring lowered, stiffened suspension and car-like handling characteristics.

Land Rover Freelander

Buyers have a choice between three-door and five-door body styles. Three door versions have a ‘softback’ option with a removable canvas rear section. The Land Rover badge on the grille provides instant credibility and recognition. Owners who do utilize the Freelander’s off-roading abilities will not be disappointed. The Freelander provides all-wheel drive and traction control systems.


The Freelander is an expensive car to purchase, but thanks to the vehicle’s reliability resale values are high. The Freelander enjoys low maintenance costs, and gets good fuel economy, unless you opt for the V6.

The Freelander is not too practical when driving in rush hour traffic. It is very useful when driving and carrying cargo in the country, away from heavy traffic. The cabin is large and the boot accommodates most large items. With the rear seats folded, the space is more than sufficient.

The controls of the Freelander are easy to use and aren’t over cluttered. The fascia is sporty and more elegant than earlier models. The gauges are easy to read and are well located in the driver’s line-of-sight.

The car is comfortable for passengers, but the driver might be uncomfortable because the seat lacks proper height adjustment and the steering wheel doesn’t adjust for reach. All other occupants ride in complete comfort, enjoying plenty of head and legroom.

The Freelander is easily accessed through the wide door apertures. The seats are located at a comfortable height. Passengers don’t have to duck in due to sufficient headroom. The rear hatch is slightly hard to access because the side-opening door doesn’t allow for completely unrestricted access.

Parking the Freelander can be difficult due to the large bonnet. The spare wheel on the rear door makes judging the distance even more difficult. This aside, high seating, light steering and smooth acceleration will help your parking efforts.

Life Style

Enthusiastic drivers will love the sport variant. The Sport variant is demonstrates less body roll and sharper responses than the standard models. Freelander’s are designed for optimum performance at low and medium speeds, the car is also designed to conquer challenging conditions. The car is not designed for speed but drives and handles well both on and off the road.

The Freelander is an excellent family vehicle. It’s spacious enough to comfortably accommodate the entire family with shopping and other cargo. The Freelander is very comfortable yet tough enough to with stand the abuse that families can dish out.

A Freelander is an expensive car to purchase and run which makes it a less ideal first car. Insurance will run high as well as repairs. The Freelander is a 4X4 and it doesn’t handle the same as regular cars, and a new driver may not be able to handle the Freelander. There are probably more suitable first cars out there.

The Freelander will have no shortage of image. The Land Rover brand is usually held in high regard due to the company’s commitment to produce high-quality, tough, and durable vehicles. Many people who never leave the road buy Land Rovers just to be able to sport the brand. The company has increased the quality of vehicles being produced in recent years and that will carry a lot of weight with buyers.

Security and Safety

The Freelander comes equipped standard with deadlocks, alarm and an engine immobilizer. However an upgrade in security may be a good idea as thieves are attracted to the popular car.

The Freelander also comes standard with front seat driver and passenger air bags, however other than the strength of the build and the electronic traction aids that is as far as the safety features of the car goes.

The Finishing Touches

The Freelander comes with a-single-slot, six speaker CD player standard. On higher range models a six CD auto-changer with nine speaker sound system is available. Satellite navigators are also an option.

Thirteen exterior colors including metallic and solid finishes are choices for the Freelander. Many colors are available to the buyer who wants something original, but traditional deep greens, sandy colors and black will always look best on the Freelander. Cloth and leather upholsteries look great and are of high quality.


Land Rover enjoys a large loyal customer following. The newer Land Rovers are more worthy of that following than past Land Rovers. The Freelander is a very capable and versatile vehicle. It will do much to promote an even broader customer base for Land Rover.