The Vauxhall Corsa has been a favorite in the UK for the past ten years or so, and can be seen often cruising down the motorways and city streets.The new Corsa will have big shoes to fill in the competitive supermini market.

The new Corsa shares some of the design features of its predecessor. It kept the same cute looks that have appealed to many buyers, but has gained several enhancements designed to give the car a more updated look.

Inside, the Corsa benefits from a new cabin design. The level of quality has improved, and the dashboard layout  is attractive. The use of steering wheel controls is also an improvement, and the car’s translucent switches glow at night. The Corsa comes with a choice of trim colours giving the car a more upmarket feel.

Mechanically the Corsa is in line with most of the competitors in the supermini market. The car offers three and four cylinder engines, with front wheels drive only. The car also includes an electric power steering system, added electronic braking control, and can provide a more decent driving experience.

The Corsa has a dual floor boot for storing valuables. The car’s Flex Fix bike rack is sure to come in handy. The feature can carry two full sized bikes easily. The lkittle car offers a lot of versatility and all the practicality of a small car.


The Corsa enjoys a low asking price. Running costs should also be low, and the smaller engine models will prove to be even more economical.

Front and rear passengers should have plenty of cabin space. There are several storage cubbies located throughout the car’s cabin. The boot is also very practical and can be had with a split floor design. The car’s built in bike rack will help with storage issues as well.


The car’s cabin has been attractively designed and the buttons are soft to the touch. The car’s controls and displays have been nicely illuminated and everything is practically placed.

For such a compact car the Corsa provides an impressive level of comfort. The seats are comfortable though may pose problems for larger passengers,. The car delivers a smooth ride with low noise levels. The Corsa is a very comfortable car.

Access for front and rear passengers has been made easier thanks to a high roof line. Five door models provide good access, and three-door models gain help from tilting and sliding seats.

The Corsa is an easy car to park. The car’s small size and electric power steering contribute greatly to the car’s ease of parking. The chunky rear pillars can limit visibility somewhat.

Vauxhall Corsa

Life Style

The Corsa has provides good driver appeal. The car delivers a peppy ride and is energetic through city streets delivering responsive steering. The car’s handles well on less than ideal roads. When driven with enthusiasm it delivers a fun and entertaining ride with good grip.


The car could be used as a family vehicle. The cabin space should provide adequate comfort for a small family, and boot space should accommodate most items within reason.

The Corsa would make an excellent first car. It is a very easy car to drive and will be perfect for a novice driver. The entry-level model with the 1.0-litre engine should be affordable for most buyers.

The Corsa delivers a high standard of quality, with a comfortable cabin that boasts good looks and a good quality feel. The Vauxhall company has a good image and their cars tend to be quite popular. The younger generation has been enjoying Vauxhall’s cars for years.

Security and Safety

All models come standard with an engine immobilizer and remote central locking with an exception of the entry level Expression which does not get remote central locking.

The Corsa has many safety features such as ABS, airbags, and seat belt protensioners.

The finishing Touches

All models of the Corsa come standard with a radio/CD, which is set high on the dashboard, and has great sound quality. However higher specification versions have a higher output and mp3 compatibility.

A large variety of trim colors and fabrics are available on the Corsa, which gives great potential for a comfortable cabin. The interior is much better than the previous generation and will have a great appeal to the buyer.


There is no doubt that competition within this sector is steep, but the little Corsa should have all that it needs to succeed. The car should appeal to a variety of buyers with its low purchase price and running costs.