So you’ve been driving around in the same vehicle for a tad too long.

You’ve decided it’s time for something fresh, something new.

And when we say new, we mean brand new.

But what are the pros and cons of buying a new vehicle as opposed to a used vehicle or leasing one?

Well by now you’re probably set upon having a car which is fresh off the press, so we at Browse New Cars have put together a few points to back your decision, and possibly influence anyone who hasn’t made the decision to buy a new car yet to do so in the near future.


  • Fresh Off The Press – One of the most obvious selling points for new cars is that they are literally brand new, straight out of the factory. And let’s face it, there’s precious little better in life than the smell of a new car.


  • It’s Yours Only – A great bonus of buying a new car is that you can live in the knowledge that you are the only person who has driven it. You don’t have to worry about the possibility of a previous boy racer owner who’s been doing 90mph everywhere at 5,500 revs.


  • Warranty – When you buy a new car there is a lot less to worry about than when you purchase a used model. Problems are a lot less likely to occur when you buy a new vehicle and you can live in peace knowing you have the manufacturer warranty or guarantee. With a used vehicle you are taking a lot more of a risk.