The Touareg’s underpinnings were developed in conjunction with Porsche, which produces its Cayenne from the same platform. The Volkswagen Touareg is much more impressive though with its eye catching good looks.

The Touareg is a tough looking off-roader with impressive exterior style. Volkswagen has paid close attention to detail. The car’s interior design also gives the impression of quality and class.

Entry-level models don’t quite produce enough power to easily deal with the car’s weight. The engines seem to work too hard for comfort. The 5.0-litre V10 TDI diesel model is a completely different story. It actually offers as much power as a small nuclear reactor.

The Touareg is one of the most competent 4X4s off the road. The car easily deals with most of—road conditions, even the more challenging terrain usually doesn’t present any problems for the Touareg. Hi-tech driver aids such as hill descent assist and a low-ratio gearbox give it an upper-hand in difficult conditions. The car will use a lot of fuel while not on the tarmac.


Der neue Touareg


The Volkswagen Touareg is an expensive vehicle to run, but the car’s asking price is decent. Insurance will be low but service charges and fuel will be high, the car will also enjoy high resale values, so expenses may be offset.

The cabin is spacious and will provide sufficient space to all of the occupants. The four wheel drive feature can prove to be invaluable for those who need the extra power as it can haul even the heaviest of loads. The boot is large and is big enough for a few large items, and will be able to accommodate the needs of a family.

The gauges are clear and concise. They are logically placed within the drivers line of sight, making searching for them unnecessary. They are also well illuminated with a brilliant blue and red glow that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The fascia is uncluttered and the controls are functional but there are so many that reading the owners manual is advised.

The passengers will be comfortable thanks to the combination of comfortable, supportive, 10-way adjustable seats and plenty of head and legroom throughout the cabin. Wind, road, and even engine noise won’t be bothersome but if you are looking at the Touareg for its off-roading abilities, then you might be disappointed in not being able to hear the V10 under the bonnet.

Accessing the cabin isn’t easy especially for short passengers who will need to climb up into the cabin. With wide door apertures and a high roofline, this climb is made a bit easier. Though the doors are heavy, a power opening device is an option. The boot is accessed through a large hatch that allows for unrestricted access.

Parking is not an easy task by any standard, parking sensors are an option on all models but the V10 where they come standard, and will prove to be invaluable when both forward and reverse parking. Visibility is good all around and still, parking won’t be easy.

Life Style

The car has good driver appeal. Performance will vary according to the engine that is selected. In V10 TDI guise, the Touareg will accelerate to 60mph in less than eight seconds. Although the car provides some impressive braking power, it is not advised to accelerate in such a manner. The torque that the engine provides is amazing and it is doubtful that most drivers will have ever experienced anything like it before. The car is durable and feels like it could conquer any terrain on or off the road, drivers are unlikely to have experienced anything comparable to it before.

The Touareg may actually be too large to be a practical family vehicle for city dwellers. The car’s size could prove difficult to navigate down busy city streets or shopping mall parking lots. The car is too luxurious on the inside to function as a country workhorse. The Touareg will probably appeal to a special kind of buyer that is somewhere between the two.

This is not a likely first car. The initial purchase price will prove to be too high, and insurance rates will be too high as well. The car also has too much power on offer, and there are at least a dozen reasons why this isn’t a first car.

The Volkswagen Touareg is all about quality and image. The car exudes class and style. Porsche has helped in creating the Touareg which has quickly proven to be a vehicle far superior to the Cayenne. The funny thing is that the Touareg will cost you much less.

Security and Safety

Recent tests placed the Touareg as the most theft-proof vehicle in the off road class. The car’s standard safety features include an electronic engine immobiliser and an alarm system with interior protection and central locking.

The car’s safety features include driver and front passenger airbags, front side airbags and curtain airbags. The car also features ABS with EBD and ESP with Hydraulic Braking Assistant.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a single-slot CD player with ten speakers. Cost options include a six disc CD boot mounted autochanger. V10 models gain an upgraded ’8/11′ audio system with an eight channel amplifier and 11 speakers.

The Touareg comes with a high level of standard equipment. Standard features include alloy wheels, wing mirror indicators, cruise control, electric windows, a full complement of airbags, opening rear windscreen, multifunction steering wheel, textile carpet mats, and climate control.


The Touareg is an excellent vehicle, but will prove to be too large for most UK roads. Country dwellers may be able to find a use for the very large vehicle, but it will be much less practical for city dwellers. The car has a lot to offer but won’t be practical for many buyers.