There are a great number of factors to consider before you commit to purchasing a new car. Significantly, it is important to think about what you’ll need the car for. Different vehicles serve different purposes. We’ve listed some of the main new car categories below to aid you in your decision making.


corsaSmall Family
The cars that you’re likely to see most frequently today on British roads are small family cars. A key reason for this is their diversity – they are driven by people of all ages in all situations. Small family cars are relatively inexpensive to buy in the context of the new car market, and they are generally cheap to run and maintain – small cars can run from small engines which equates to good fuel economy and low emissions. Class leaders in this category include the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa and Renault Clio.


Medium Family
There isn’t a great deal of difference between small and medium-sized family vehicles. Needless to say, medium family cars are the next step up – for example the Ford Fiesta to the Ford Focus. They are larger in size, and consequently are more expensive to buy and a little more so to run too. The key advantage over small family cars is the space on offer; a family of adults would be able to travel comfortably over longer journeys. The Volkswagen Golf is amongst the class leaders. It is available from £16,495, however range-topping models cost upwards of £28,000 and leasing can prove a much more affordable option. Deals are at


range sportLarge 4×4
For those with a larger family, or needing to travel over tougher types of terrain, large 4x4s are often the answer. They are incredibly versatile, providing plenty of room for passengers, and are usually on offer with an impressive array of standard equipment. One of the key downfalls to large 4x4s is their poor fuel economy. They also generally emit fairly high volumes of CO2, and are thus pricey to run and maintain. However, considering how much larger they are than other family cars, models such as the Hyundai Santa Fe and Mitsubishi Shogun represent decent value for money. Luxury models such as the Range Rover Sport do cost significantly more though. Information is online at